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  • Jennifer Jewell


“One day in the field informs 10 in the garden and improves 10 times that at the desk.” I made this note to myself after a month of deadlines, seemingly unrelenting desk work and not making enough time to be outside – out in my garden, out in the landscapes of my larger place. Finally a day arrived and John and I took the opportunity. To walk, to look, to listen, to sit, to photograph and to consider. Maybe it seems as though I write something like this every month? And with every guest I have on Cultivating Place serving as poignant reminders of this truth, one would think I wouldn't forget. But apparently, I do. I was an energized and more visionary gardener, a more focused and enthusiastic thinker, and really just a nicer person after just this one day. Photo above: Early summer plant community including Humboldt lilies, Butterfly Valley Botanical Area, Northern CA.

And then this happened:

"Congratulations! You have been awarded a 2017 GWA Media Awards Silver Medal for the following submissions: Radio Talent and Radio Program Overall. Yours was among more than 200 entries judged by a panel of distinguished members of the gardening, communications, and academic communities. Your award will be announced at the GWA Awards & Honors Dinner on August 7 in Buffalo, NY, as part of the 2017 GWA Annual Conference & Expo, August 4-7. Your receipt of a Silver Award makes your entry a candidate for the GWA Garden Media Gold Awards, GWA’s highest honor."

Which makes me very happy and very proud. Proud of the team of people who work on Cultivating Place with me, and the many people and organizations who share their passion and purpose, their work and stories on the program.

And you know something? Each month I get emails and Instagram and Facebook notes, from people I know and people I don't know, telling me how much they appreciate the program - how it makes them laugh, or learn, or think differently about gardens and gardening. How an episode brought to mind this memory, person or place. How it keeps them company while they garden, while they walk, while they drive.

These words from one person at a time - not all of whom are gardeners for that matter - carry equal weight and meaning to all public recognition.

Thanks to all of you who reach out. It is powerful encouragement.

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