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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


In preparation for Juneteenth, we’re in conversation with a Washington DC -based gardener, garden historian and podcaster under the name of Cottage in the Court -Teresa J. Speight.

As she writes: "At Cottage In The Court, I hope to encourage others to connect with the earth and simply garden. Step off the express lane to stress, close your eyes, and just be. That’s where I’ll be!"

She is a Native Washingtonian, a Mother, Grandmother, Steward of our Land, Garden Writer, Region II Director – GardenComm, International, and History lover. "With ancestral sharecropping roots originating in North and South Carolina, connecting with the earth is authentic to me. My ancestor’s hands have helped build and feed our family for generations. To not honor this earth would disrespect my heritage.

Former Head Gardener for the City of Fredericksburg, one of the Founding Farmer’s of the Eitt CSA, Stafford County’s first Transitional Organic CSA Farm, Teri believes that "reconnecting average people with the soil is important. When we reconnect with the soil, nature, and our roots, we can begin to respect all that the earth provides."

Teri is the co-author of The Urban Garden, 101 Ways to Grow Food And Beauty in the City with Kathy Jentz. Teri’s new book out from Bloom Imprint is Black Flora, Inspiring Black Flower Farmers + Florists – a gorgeous look into transformative humans of color at work with flowers. Black Flora is an in depth exploration of 24 transformative humans of color and creativity at work with flowers. Throughout, Teri shares specific stories from the humans who comprise Black Flora – the many catalysts behind their floral work and the many missions they have for the great diversity of their work.

Bloom Imprint is a sister endeavor to Slow Flowers Society who are hosting their annual Slow Flowers Summit in person this year at the Stone Barns Center in upstate New York at the end of June. Information on how to register is in this week’s show notes below.

To follow Teri's work online, go to: ; and on Instagram at: @cottageincourt/

To follow Bloom Imprint:


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JOIN US again next week, when we are all abuzz for national pollinator week in conversation with Dr. Monika Egerer of the Technological Institute of Munich, a pollination ecologist focused on the possibilities inherent in well designed urban gardens for helping to reweave our fragmented world for our pollinator and other wildlife planet mates. Listen in!

ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF Black Flora & Bloom! Imprint, please see photo credits on individual images.


Thinking out loud this week:

The garden – a healthy and lively garden is built on diversity. And as my garden friend Annie Redbird reminds us – As in the garden, so too in life.

Diversity is what planet earth and her people are built on and grown from. So be it. Happy Juneteenth gardeners.

I loved hearing from you all about the garden metaphors – I’ve been thinking we should out together a summer garden reading or listening list? What do you all think?

If you have favorite books/stories you think others might like on their nightstands, beach bags, or in their ears this summer – send them in and I will collate the list for the Summer Solstice episode….:)

Looking forward to hearing about your favorite garden reads! New or old favorites – you just can’t have too many, can you? you know how: Send me an email: OR send me a DM or leave a comment at this week's show post on Instagram! @cultivating_place.

Happy Summer Reading....





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