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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


Great gardens need great plants, and great plants people the world over, throughout history, have made it their lives’ calling to bring gardeners great plants – whether introducing native plants to the horticultural trade, selecting best garden-varieties from naturally occurring choices, by breeding, and by educating both the trade and gardeners in their gardens on best cultivation of these same plants.

This week's guest on Cultivating Place is one such well known and long respected plantsperson who has helped to shift our horticultural world for the better these past many decades – Roy Diblik.

Roy who began selecting and propagating native plants for ecologically and beautiful gardens beginning in the 1970s and as a gardener, nurseryman, writer and thinker he went on to co-found Northwind Perennials Farm, a nursery and garden design business based in Burlington, Wisconsin, serving public and private gardens and gardeners. Roy is an expert at creating compelling and ecologically-contributing combinations of native and nonnative plants using methods he variously describes as watercolor style of planting, and “know maintenance” designs. It is a pleasure to welcome this national treasure of a plantsman to the program. Roy’s knowledge and passion has something to offer every garden and every gardener.

Images courtesy of Roy Diblik, all rights reserved. Water garden bio photo of Roy by The New Perennialist.

HERE IS THIS WEEK'S TRANSCRIPT by Doulos Transcription Service:

CultivatingPlace - Diblik - 4-13-23
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You can follow Roy's work on-line at: Northwind Perennial Farm, on Instagram: @roy_diblik , and on YouTube!: @RoyDiblik


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Thinking out loud this week:

Even though it was 29 degrees F this morning, it’s definitely feeling like spring here where I garden – and perhaps I have the optimism of spring along with garden soil under my nails right now but I feel as though there is a renewed energy and tenacity in the garden world germinating right now?

From the groups I have been speaking like this past weekend at Annie’s Annuals in Richmond, CA, my April 27th talk at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on for their Art in Bloom - and from the energy of other upcoming gatherings including the Fergus Garrett Lecture for So Cal Hort on April 28th exploring how the biodiversity of Great Dixter far exceeds the biodiversity supported by the agricultural fields around the historic garden, the new Pacific Horticulture design futurists garden design award recently announced incentivizing good ecological garden designs, and of course the Garden Conservancy’s Garden Futures Summit in September – it feels like our resilience and tenacity as gardeners to grow a better world is only growing stronger, reaching farther, including more - not ebbing.

Do you feel this germinating strength where you are? I so very much hope you do – your being here with me – many of you week after week – is part of that energy for me – an energy that sustains my work weekly. I hope you know that and more importantly - I hope you feel this good, green, growing energy too. Wherever you garden on this generous planet we are harnessing this energy together.





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