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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


It's Spring in the northern hemisphere (even snow is still making visitations to parts of the North American as I speak to you) and gardeners across the hemisphere are itching to get started with their spring vegetable gardens. That age old and annual question of “when to put in your warm summer crops is already high on peoples list of garden excitements and anxieties. I’m so pleased to be joined this week by the leader of an event and author of a book both known as TOMATOMANIA. Scott Daigre the owner of Power Plant Garden Design in Ojai, California, he is a dedicated home gardener and he is a self-proclaimed "tomatomaniac".

It's Earth Week and among the garden’s earthiest pleasures are these succulent summer fruits - getting out into the garden - engaging in growing your own organic produce even in small ways - loving Mother Earth (and one another) as much as She loves you.

Scott joined me from his home and trial garden in Ojai, California where he is deep into the planning and pleasures of preparing for the warm season vegetable garden.


Listen in again next week when we stay on the theme of what’s for dinner. We’re joined then by British food advocate and activist, Claire Ratinon author of "How to Grow Your Dinner Without Leaving the House."




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This week I want to let Northern California listeners know about a few in-person book launch celebrations, at which I’d love to welcome you and sign a book for your in person. The first event is on SATURDAY MAY 1st, in conjunction with a spring plant sale at Canyon Creek Nursery & Design about a half hour south east of Chico, California.

The event will take place from 10 am to 3 pm, and while the event is free, and you are in no way obligated to purchase a book, just come celebrate with us, you will need to email me with an RSVP so I can send you directions.

Email and put MAY 1st event in the subject line and I will get you on the list and send you directions.

Summer gardens – for many people in my experience the word garden actually connotes that very thing – the summer vegetable garden. I can see that – I can see the many, many sweet, slow, warm summer days and images of those very gardens and salad days – can’t you: the sunlight shimmering golden on the fragrant leaves of the tomatoes, the other aromatics: peppers, basil; the prickly leaves of cucumbers, eggplants maybe. There is the far off sound of mourning doves, the lazy sonorous buzz of a fly, or bee fly, the rambling vibration of a bumblebee or the more energetic and electric buzz of hummingbird, and then the high whine of the mosquito…and dirt on your knees and in your nails – the warm smell of the earth herself – in city and in country – exhaling into you and these summer garden days….

We were talking about the definition of rich a few weeks back and this this my garden hearted sister and brotherhood – this is the very richest and most potent elements of life held lovingly right here in these kinds of knowings. Breathe back into the plants and the earth wherever you are. Breathe deeply back to them.

It is officially Earth Week this week – I know intuitively that those of you listening every week are with me on your every effort being made to honor this earth every single day.




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