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  • Jennifer Jewell


Valley Oaks in the Canyon.

One entrance to the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden, Bar Harbor, Maine

In the long hot, dry, summer, often accentuated by the acute reality and smoky horizons of fire season here in interior Northern California, many of the native plants tend towards dormancy.

I have decided to do the same with my View from Here Newsletter. Please look forward to a longer more reflective letter again in early September.

In the meantime, while dormancy is characterized by rest and little activity on the surface of things - the roots and underground relations are all still humming along.

You can find all of your direct links to listen to the past months of Cultivating Place at the bottom of the web version of the newsletter:

AND, If you might be interested in meeting up with me on the road - make sure to take a look at my current events calendar here:

Happy, safe, restful and adventurous summer and season to you and your gardens.

Jennifer & The Cultivating Place Team

Very strong window box game Nantucket!



(just click the live link that is the green title of each program to get to the audio file and listen in....)

7.15.21 Adventurous Design & Civilization Building, David Godshall, Terremoto LA


Summer Scenes from Bar Harbor to Tacoma, WA.




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Me. Bio photo by Eddie Altrete 2019.


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