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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


As we tend toward summer’s end, with end of summer and fall events and celebrations perhaps in mind, maybe even winter events in the planning, we turn this week to floristry and how and where it intersects with sustainability – and as our guest today shares, with thoughtfulness.

British floral designer Shane Connolly is well-known for his world class floristry and floral design – gracing several weddings within the British Royal Family as well as the recent coronation of now-King Charles.

While his floral design is known for this kind of high profile event, Shane is also known as one of the preeminent ambassadors for a more sustainable, organic, local, seasonal, and low-waste floral design and floral supply industry.

In advance of the Slow Flowers Society welcoming Shane for three days of workshops and events in Seattle, WA Sept 29th – October 1st, Shane joins Cultivating Place this week to share more. Enjoy!

All images courtesy of Shane Connolly & Co. all rights reserved

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Thinking out loud this week:

I keep thinking about what Shane Connolly is sharing here in this conversation, and as you’ll hear as the conversation unfolds, so much of it for him comes back to observation and thoughtfulness. And neither of these are “things” or traits we are born with – they are skills and traits and habits we cultivate – we can learn them and relearn them with practice and intention. Just as we can learn and relearn what a garden is, what gardening is and should be or could be with thoughtfulness and observation and practice. We can in fact keep learning and adjusting our gardens and flowers and nature loving practices to include what we want, what is best for the ecology, the economy and each other in mind. I know we can.

It is just one month until my book What We Sow, On the Personal, Ecological, and Cultural Significance of Seeds officially publishes.

I got my advances in hand recently and it is nothing short of amazing to me to sign them in gratitude to so many of you who have and do support the weekly work of Cultivating Place in its mission to engage, encourage, expand and embolden gardeners on the ground everywhere to keep growing the world better, I could not afford to do this work week in and week out without your support.

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AS always – thank you all for being here with me on this journey of growing really good plants, places, AND people.




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