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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


Andrew Montgomery is a British-based garden photographer. His new book, Winter Gardens, celebrates the very specific beauty of the winter season in colder climates. A collaboration with writer and editor Clare Foster of House & Garden UK. spare, the book in image and crafted words explores and uplifts gardens in their fullness - particularly the sometimes hard, nuanced and moody beauty of the garden in the winter season. Photographer and now publisher Andrew Montgomery joins me this week to share more about the process and purpose of the book.

"I have always wanted the garden in winter to look like it is in the full grip of the cold and not is a state of seasonal denial."

A quote from landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith

chosen by Clare Foster as a pull-out in Winter Gardens,

by Andrew Montgomery and Clare Foster

The first edition of Winter Gardens sold out in less than a month last December, but the preorder for the second edition will be available in mid- to late February. Montgomery press is also producing two special editions – one called Tapestry and the other called Briar - of Winter Gardens available with linen covers and each including a print.

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Thinking out loud this week:

It is both odd and comforting to be in this conversation with Andrew about this topic of winter gardens in one of the least wintery winters I have ever had in Northern California. In what should be our two coldest rainiest months of January and February, we have not had any measurable precipitation. We’ve had cold nights, but warm dry days. It feels off and so leaning into the images and words of winter gardens seems both tribute and transport to this particular season and its intimacies and intricacies in our gardens. How is winter going in your garden in the northern hemisphere? Snowy? Cold? Are you tired of it yet? If you send me your winter garden images, I would love to feature them on the cultivating place Instagram these next few weeks! You can tag me on Instagram with your own posts: I am @cultivating_place, or you can email me your image with all title and photo credit info and I will make sure to include that when I post.

Thinking out loud this week, interestingly, I got myself another lovely book on winter gardens this year which I want to shout out to. Winterland by Cathy Rees and photographer Lisa Looke , create a beautiful Garden for every season, is all about design ideas for strong winter garden performance and personality including how to highlight that visual nuance contrast. Andrew speaks of so eloquently in his description of photographing Winter Gardens. As the two creators of Winterland write, for them it is about how the dramatic stillness of a garden in winter provides us opportunities to deepen our own connections.

Happy winter and happy garden intimacy and intricacy wherever you are.





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