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Under Western Skies: Visionary Gardens From The Rockies to the Pacific Coast

Timber Press |  Releasing May 11, 2021


From desert sands to seaside oasis, gardens in the American West are on the frontier of garden design. Under Western Skies proves this, with profiles of some of the West’s most innovative gardens.

Caitlin Atkinson and Jennifer Jewell reveal how the grandeur and rugged beauty of the region's landscapes set the stage for stun­ning and innovative designs, while the various climates allow for a multitude of plant possibilities. Nature is a source of inspiration to the gardeners in this book, rather than something to be dominated, and Under Western Skies shows the deep connection that each gardener has to the place they garden.

Packed with Atkinson's stunning photographs and laced with Jewell's deep insights into the relationships between people and the landscapes they inhabit, Under Western Skies is a must-read for passionate gardeners who call the wild West home.



With a book of this scope and density, mistakes are bound to happen. Some more painful than others; in the end, all of them are attributable to me as author. Several such errors occur in UNDER WESTERN SKIES:

Page 120: The lovely willow structure pictured (and all of its predecessors at NHMLA) is by the talented artist David Lovejoy. David, I apologize profusely for the mistaken attribution.

p. 121 - plant noted as Manfreda scabra is Agave 'Sharkskin'. 
p. 122 - Plant noted as Manfreda scabra is Agave 'Sharkskin'  The red fairy duster is Calliandra californica, not C. eriophylla.

The Earth in Her Hands - Cover.jpeg

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The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants

Timber Press |  Released March 3, 2020

"In this beautiful and empowering book, Jennifer Jewell—host of public radio’s award-winning program and podcast Cultivating Place—introduces 75 inspiring women. Working in wide-reaching fields that include botany, floral design, landscape architecture, farming, herbalism, and food justice, these influencers are creating change from the ground up. Profiled women include flower farmer Erin Benzakein; co-director of Soul Fire Farm, Leah Penniman; plantswoman Flora Grubb; edible and cultural landscape designer Leslie Bennett; Caribbean-American writer and gardener Jamaica Kincaid; soil scientist Elaine Ingham; floral designer Amy Merrick, and many more. Rich with personal stories and insights, Jewell’s portraits reveal a devotion that transcends age, locale, and background, reminding us of the profound role of green growing things in our world—and our lives." -Workman Publications


Focusing in a wholly unique way on how horticulture intersects with our every day world and on women whose work has enriched and expanded these intersections in the last 25 years, The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants explores and celebrates how the plant world is improved by not only greater representation of women generally but also by diversity amongst those women. The work of these women illustrates how the many challenges of our world - environmental, economic, cultural/societal, individual - can and are being met through cultivating an interdependence with plants. 


These paradigm-shifting women range beautifully across race, ethnicity, socio-economic and religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, and age - in a way that transcends preconceived notions of what horticulture/gardening are and what plants people/gardeners look like. These women and their work have profoundly positive impacts on the larger world - aesthetically, environmentally, culturally, and economically - making them joyful and encouraging role models and inspirations for us all.


For a listing of all of our speaking engagements in conjunction with this book please visit our EVENTS page.  

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The Plant Lover's Guide to Salvias

Timber Press |  Released 2013


Salvias are available in a huge range of sizes, colors, foliage, and hardiness, with over 900 species and hundreds of hybrids. Salvia’s popularity stems from how easy they are to grow, their multiple medicinal and culinary uses, and the vibrancy of their blooms that cover every color in the spectrum from white to nearly black. The Plant Lover’s Guide to Salvias features everything you need to know to grow this vibrant and fragrant plant. Plant profiles of 150 varieties highlight each plant’s type, habitat, size, hardiness, origin, cultivation, and use in the landscape. Additional information includes tips on design, how to grow and propagate salvia, where to view them in public gardens, and where to buy them.


Owner of Canyon Creek Nursery and Design in northern California, author John Whittlesey is a renowned nurseryman, garden designer, landscape contractor, and avid photographer. As a specialty grower and a designer, he enjoys interesting plants and creating attractive, water-conserving gardens that provide habitat for people and wildlife. Due to his early interest in salvias, the Canyon Creek Nursery catalog had one of the first extensive offerings in the country, and he continues to incorporate them generously into his gardens. John is a graduate of the California School of Garden Design. For more: