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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


In the throes of fire season in the especially the western regions of North America, this week we turn to the idea of not only gardening for beauty, food, and/or habitat, but also fire preparedness.

We’re speaking this week with Dr. Adrienne Edwards and Rachel Schleiger, biologists, botanists, gardeners and authors of the new book Firescaping Your Home, a manual for readiness in wildfire country – including 640 resilient native plant recommendations with a focus on native plants of California, Oregon and Washington but widely applicable across wildfire prone region. The book is available wherever you get your books!

HERE IS THIS WEEK'S TRANSCRIPT by Doulos Transcription Service:

08-10-23 CP - Firescaping - Edwards and Schleiger - final
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ALL PHOTOS courtesy of Edwards and Schleiger, all rights reserved.

You can follow Adrienne, Rachel and Firescaping the WUI on Instagram: @firescaping_the_WUI


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JOIN US again next week, when we turn to sustainable thinking and growing of a different and floral nature – in conversation with British Floral Designer Shane Connolly. A designer to royals among others, he is also, perhaps most importantly, a tireless advocated for sustainable floristry at all levels. Shane will be in Seattle Washington for three days of Slow Flowers workshops and events Sept 29 – Oct 1st. More information and this conversation next week right here - listen in.


Speaking of Plants and Place is on summer vacation - back in August!


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One of the things I love about being a member of the Garden Conservancy is getting their seasonal catalog. The 2023 summer fall educational programs catalog landed in my mailbox with a beautiful dense and delicious thud recently. The catalog is full to the brim with information on the conservancy’s Digging Deeper offerings, complementing various open Garden days around the country, with dates for fall Garden Master Series including one on October 20th with David Godshall and Jenny Jones of Terremoto based in LA exploring Historical and Future Gardens. David Godshall is another of the outstanding speakers at the Consrvancy’s Garden Futures Summit in NYC Sept 29th and 30th. The catalogue also announces the Conservancy’s fall literary webinars. So many of them look good, but I was particularly taken by one presentation with the three authors of a new book entitled: garden, exploring the horticultural world, out now from Phaidon press. The seminar takes place on Thursday, October 9 starting at 2 PM Eastern with the authors Matthew Biggs, Kristine Paulus, and Abra Lee, who has twice been a guest on Cultivating Place and is yet another of the many fabulous speakers at the upcoming garden futures summit. The book and the webinar look to be beautiful and rich garden fare to look forward to this fall. You can find more information online at



Thinking out loud this week:

Right now the vegetable and fruit garden are full to overflowing with seasonal favorites – tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, zinnia and cosmos, salvias. The acorns are fattening on the oaks of our area, and while hot and dry – it is a season of abundance.

My work in the garden and here on Cultivating Place, and in books and public events is a testament to the great biodiversity and abundance of this world. It is a privilege to be planted so firmly in this hopeful and generative soil – I think this is one of the greatest gifts of the garden – it’s always cycling life in myriad ways –

wouldn’t you agree?





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