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FOODSCAPING - with Brie Arthur. Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur, all rights reserved.


This week we enjoy a conversation with a gardener and garden guru well known and loved: Joe Lamp’l of the famed and award-winning Growing a Greener World on PBS and The ‘joe gardener’ Show podcast. Both programs, as well as Joe's online educational courses and his many books all feature Joe's signature curiosity, generosity, and humor.

Growing a Greener World is not just a show name, but a nearly life-long mission for Joe in collaboration with his land, his family, his extensive team - and all of us.

While he is known for his organic vegetable gardening knowledge and advocacy, Joe likewise loves the wilder side of his place in the world and ecological function is a top priority along with his human garden community. And at the end of the day, Joe is a lot like all of us: he just loves playing in the dirt with his plant friends, and he loves to share this joy (and knowledge) with others.

In our on-going exploration into who gardeners are, where gardeners are, and what they are growing in this world, Joe Lamp’l joins Cultivating Place to share more about his garden life – and how he enhances ours—the rest of us “joe gardeners.”

It is humbling to know that Joe and I share being recipients of the American Horticultural Society's Great Gardener B.Y. Morrison Award for outstanding garden communication, AND the Garden Communicator's awards for Best On Air Talent and Best Overall Broadcast Media Overall. Though he and his team have been awarded a well-deserved Emmy as well ;)

So if you have not yet gotten to know Joe Lamp'l and his garden ways, I think you're going to like this one!


All photos courtesy of Joe Lamp’l and The "joe gardener" Show podcast. All rights reserved.

You can follow Joe's work on line at:,,

For his education offerings, start here:

Or, on YouTube: joegardenerTV

and Instagram: @joegardener/


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JOIN US again next week, when we return to the artistry but also the activism of our plant loving and garden growing lives in conversation with Chicago based artist Olly Costello. Their remarkable colors and forms and interconnections—from the life of the soil and earth to the many many stars in our galaxied-night skies—Olly stitches us, in drawn form, back into the universe from which we too are formed and to which we will return. She literally draws us together and at our best with the world around us. That’s next week right here.


Speaking of Plants and Place is on summer vacation - back soon!


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Thinking out loud this week:

I am back from an amazing and great garden week in New York City. I am still a little starry eyed from the great number of gardening humans and gardened spaces new and old, small and large I had the great fortune of meeting, talking with, walking with and plant nerding with. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks to be sure.

For now – listen up northern California plant and garden friends – for now I am really looking forward to meeting up with many of you on October 12th at the Women’s Club in Chico at an NSPR hosted book reading and signing reception from 7 to 8:30 pm.

If you’d like to attend the October 12th reception and book launch party, please follow this eventbright link to register:

– the event is free and will be great fun (with good food and drink) but space is limited.

Hoping to connect with so many of you there! If you can’t make that evening of What we Sow camaraderie, I am also doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Chico the afternoon of Saturday October 14th – so maybe I will catch with you then!

In any event, I am very happy to be sowing the messages of this new book out in the world – thank you all for your support and encouragement!

This conversation with Joe Lampl – his warmth and generosity of passion and knowledge reminds me again and again of the many lessons we as a garden loving community receive daily from this impulse to garden and the life long relationship it grants us to the plants, the soil, and to one another in myriad configurations.

Communities of people, of plants, of place, this was the theme of the session I recently chaired for the Garden Conservancy’s Garden Futures Summit at New York Botanical Garden this past weekend – and the importance of first recognizing the many different communities we are in fact a part of – from our families to our colleagues to fellow travelers on the subway or an airplane – followed swiftly by the importance of cultivating our important communities, caring for and supporting these communities, listening to these communities – the importance can’t be overstated.

IN these times, it is in our communities and the diversity of them that we will find strength – and not just that – but also, as you hear today in Joe’s voice – community – literally meaning what we hold in common – is where we find and share our joy.

And that is our greatest strength.

Look after for each other out there in joy gardeners - our communities need us. And together we definitely grow better.




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